Buying a new home is one of the biggest financial investments in a person’s lifetime and that decision will stay with you for years to come. When making such a large decision many of us  can feel some degree of stress and uncertainty, however a professional home inspection provided by a licensed professional Blue Owl Home Inspector can significantly reduce your risk and will help make the entire home buying process smoother. 


Service and Support That's Second to None 

When you hire Blue Owl Inspections, you are hiring a professional that is trained and skilled to deliver lasting knowledge about your home and investment. As one of the lower mainland’s leading providers of quality home inspections, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering a high level of customer service and support, so that each and every one of our valued clients receives a professional, insightful and informative home inspection experience.

Our home inspections are thorough and detail oriented and covers all the unique elements and specialized systems of a home. You can depend on our technical knowledge, years of experience and clear communication to ensure that the findings of your home inspection are clearly explained and that you are provided with all the necessary details to help you reach an informed, sound decision on the home and property you are considering.

Expert Examination Combined with Detailed Information

Our Eco-friendly digital inspection reports are straightforward and conveniently organized into categories making them extremely easy to follow and understand. The highly detailed report features clear, concise descriptions and observations of every system and component that was inspected, and is carefully compiled to give you valuable insight into the items and areas that are crucial to the make up of the home.

For added convenience your digital inspection report is delivered within the day, and is easily accessible from any of your digital devices. Pictures and/or video are included to not only help familiarize you with the home and its many systems, but also to provide you with a visual clarity and understanding into any defective or under performing component that may have been identified so you will have a clear perspective on what should be taken into consideration when moving forward with your decision


Whether you are a buyer looking for some additional peace of mind, a seller that wants to get the most from their investment, or a current home owner that is experiencing an issue they like to have resolved, Blue Owl Inspections offers an inspection service to meet your needs

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