Condo Inspection

Blue Owl Inspections comprehensive condo inspection is focused on identifying proper installation, operation and performance of the various elements of the home. During the inspection, we inspect and report on the readily accessible systems and components in the following areas.

  • Interior Windows and Doors
  • In-suite Balconies and Railings
  • Exterior Siding, Flashing and Trim
  • Steps,Stairs, Safety Railings
  • Interior Walls, Ceilings and Floors
  • Ventilation and Insulation
  • Underground Parking ( if accessible) *
  • Roof System ( if accessible) *
  • Counters and Cabinets
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms and Closets
  • Heating System
  • Cooling System
  • Main Water Shut Off Valve
  • Interior Plumbing and Drains
  • Water Heating System (if accessible )*
  • Faucets, Fixtures
  • In-suite Electrical Panel
  • Breakers, Fuses and Wiring
  • Electrical Grounding, Bonding
  • GFCI/AFCI Protection Devices
  • Outlets, Switches and Lights
  • Fireplaces
  • Plus Much More…

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Every Condo Inspection also Includes :

Home Inspection Report

Detailed Digital Report

Easy to understand with clear, concise language and full of pictures to help you easily identify any problematic areas or items that may be present

Home Inspection Consultation

Personal Consultation

1 on 1 consultation on site or by telephone to ensure you have a good understanding of the home and your inspection report and to address any questions or concerns in more detail

Courtesy Appliance Check

Major appliances that will stay in the home are tested using normal operations and checked for any visible problems which will be noted in the report

Home Inspection Tools

Latest Inspection Tools

Employing some of the latest inspection tools to compliment my experience and knowledge in identifying potential problems and safety issues

No Additional Fees
A common issue with condo inspections is access, that is why the majority of condo inspections are usually limited to focusing on your unit of choice. However when access is made available to the shared strata areas such as roof, mechanical rooms, underground parking etc…  those items and areas will be evaluated and reported at no additional cost.

* Client is responsible for arranging access to shared areas through their agent/representative or onsite caretaker *
Please note: Some strata complexes may not provide access due to  access restrictions and /or for liability/insurance purposes