Vancouver housing market, don’t allow your risks to outweigh the benefits of a home inspection.

Everyone aspires to obtain a piece of real estate they can call home. However in the Vancouver real estate market what was a common practice of a real estate transaction like having the time to obtain a home inspection, financing and insurance, these subject conditions are increasingly being ignored and exposing many home buyers to increased financial risk .

Bidding wars, time restraints, subject free offers and the presumed fear of losing out, are just some of the many dilemmas prospective home buyers are encountering.

With these conditions combined with a seller’s market, many prospective home buyers find themselves under tremendous pressure to make a decision quickly, without knowing any details about the home except for what they see and read through disclosure statements.risk reward dice

As a prospective buyer, when you are viewing a home that shows really well, and everything looks beautiful and move in ready, it is quite easy to overlook potential problems if you are not aware of them.

As a savvy home buyer you should consider that what appears to look fantastic on the surface, may not be conducive to the whole home and unbeknownst to you and quite possibly the seller, dangerous safety concerns, costly repairs, or neglected maintenance issues may exist, and deciding to proceed without knowing if any of these problems exist, could have devastating financial and/or safety ramifications for you and your family.

Obtaining a professional home inspection provides excellent value for your money.
It enables you the opportunity to have a qualified licensed home inspector who is trained and knowledgeable with all aspects of a home and its systems, to provide you with an honest, unbiased, detailed evaluation of the entire home.

Home inspectors work for you to find and identify potential problems and safety concerns. He or she will explain their findings in a clear, concise manner so you and your family will have a better understanding of the properties current condition.

Hiring a professional home inspector will enable you to know, instead of wondering, that your potential new home is what you thought, and it will greatly reduce the risk for you and your family, of entering into an investment and home that may require costly repairs and/or have significant safety concerns.

With the average price of a detached home in Vancouver costing around $1.2 million dollars, and with a lower mainland housing average of $785,000, combined with the uncertainty and pressures many home buyers are facing, now more than ever, prospective home buyers should set aside their notion of missing out, and take the opportunity to minimize their risk, and acquire the many benefits that a professional home inspection will provide, so they are able to make an informed, confident, purchasing decision.

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